The three degrees long lost lover

If the Earth were perfectly spherical and homogeneous, then the longitude at a point would be equal to the angle between a vertical north–south plane through that point and the plane of the Greenwich meridian. Everywhere on Earth the vertical north–south plane would contain the Earth's axis. But the Earth is not homogeneous, and has mountains—which have gravity and so can shift the vertical plane away from the Earth's axis. The vertical north–south plane still intersects the plane of the Greenwich meridian at some angle; that angle is the astronomical longitude, calculated from star observations. The longitude shown on maps and GPS devices is the angle between the Greenwich plane and a not-quite-vertical plane through the point; the not-quite-vertical plane is perpendicular to the surface of the spheroid chosen to approximate the Earth's sea-level surface, rather than perpendicular to the sea-level surface itself.

Where are the campgrounds?
There are four campgrounds in Redwood National and State Parks. For 2017, Jedediah Smith, Prairie Creek and Gold Bluffs Beach are open all year. Mill Creek will be open in the summer months.

The following information has been prepared in brief question and answer form with the intention of not only dispelling such misunderstandings but to furnish added information to Master Masons seeking “more light”.

The Three Degrees Long Lost LoverThe Three Degrees Long Lost LoverThe Three Degrees Long Lost LoverThe Three Degrees Long Lost Lover